As a business owner, you know that video content is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. But what’s the best way to use it? How often should you post videos? And what kind of videos should you create? This blog post will help answer those questions and give you some tips on how to create successful video content for your business.

Considerations for Video Content Frequency

1) Consider Seasonality and Special Events

What is your busiest time of year? Do you market throughout the year for the holiday season? Would video help you bring in more clientele/customers? These are all questions you should consider when determining when and how often to produce video content. Some businesses open only during the summer, but market throughout the year to keep ahead of the competition. Others have the same needs year-round. Whatever the case, think about your big money makers and plan your video content around those events

2) Perform Competitor Analysis

Think about your biggest competitor in your industry. How often are they releasing video content? How well is it performing? If your competitors are not doing well, you may be able to learn from their mistakes and choose a different approach. If they are lapping you with video after video, it may mean you need to step up your game.

Check out the competitors’ analytics (likes, comments, shares, etc.) to help you learn what kind of content is performing well for them. Then, draft a content calendar and use analytics to determine which day works best for you to release video content. Your business needs to have a consistent schedule, so that viewers know when your video is going up

3) Take Budget Into Account

Look at your finances before committing to a video release schedule. If you hire a video production company like Duval Visuals to create video content, make sure you can afford to produce a video when your content calendar calls for it. Alternatively, you may have a marketing or advertising team complete the projects, which will still require time, effort, and resources. Ask yourself, “What makes sense for my company’s business model?”

4) Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

You may be thinking to yourself, “Professional video production is too expensive. I’ll just shoot some quick videos with my phone and they’ll be just as good.” The truth is that good videos are more likely to perform well than rushed, substandard videos. Poor quality video can hurt your brand image and will not attract the clientele you are hoping for.

Additionally, video production requires more than a quick 5-minute shoot in most cases. Make sure you allow enough time for gathering all the props and set pieces you need, hiring/recruiting actors, video production with multiple takes, video editing, and video promotion. Every step in the process is critical to ensure the success of your video, so you don’t want to plan your projects too close together.

5) Keep Things Fresh

While you don’t want to rush a good thing, it’s still a good idea to produce video content regularly to keep up your online presence. Nothing kills a business faster than going “dark” on social media or failing to put out content regularly. You should also vary the content so that no two videos serve the same purpose or answer the same question.

Recommendations by Industry

There are no hard and fast rules for video content frequency. However, here are some suggestions based on industry standards.

How often should a medical practice put out video content?

Medical videos should be kept up to date as science is constantly evolving. A good rule of thumb is that if the science changes, the video should be updated as well.

If you run video ads for your practice, make sure you create a new one regularly (approximately every 3-4 months) to ensure your videos don’t get “stale.”

How often should an educational institution put out video content?

If you have the budget and/or staff, you should put out educational videos on a weekly basis or at least a monthly basis to keep your content fresh and engaging. Educational videos perform well on social media, YouTube, and other platforms, so posting video content regularly is a great way to keep your audience captivated.

How often should an non-profit organization put out video content?

Non-profit organizations typically have more budget constraints than other organizations. Therefore, as a non-profit organization, it may work in your favor to simply produce a video when you have a fundraising event or other major event coming up. However, do not underestimate the importance of showing your donors and supporters what you’re doing behind the scenes. A simple live-stream session can go a long way to generating support for your organization.

How often should a small business put out video content?

Budget is always a consideration for small businesses. If you have the time and resources to create your own videos, you should produce video content as often as possible (quarterly, monthly, or even weekly if you can). However, if you want to grow your business and create a professional image, you may want to spread out your content creation timeline to allow room in your budget for professional video production.

How often should a corporation put out video content?

As a corporation, video production should absolutely be a part of your annual business plan. Investing in professional video production at least once a month will ensure that your content stays fresh and original and help your business keep its professional appearance.

Bottom Line

Video production frequency is entirely dependent on your business needs and budget. Sit down and take all your considerations into account when determining how often to produce video content. You should also consider your unique industry and individual business needs.

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