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Is your business in need of some good publicity? Are you looking for a way to show off your success stories to potential customers and clients? If so, video testimonials may be the answer! Not only are they great for bolstering your brand image, but they can also help increase your follower base and even generate sales. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to encourage customers and clients to send you video testimonials.

1. Ask customers personally and authentically

When trying to collect video testimonials, the first thing you’ll want to do is reach out to your customer base. A great way to do so is by introducing yourself in a personalized video and letting them know that you’re planning on making a testimonial video for your website. Explain that you’d like them to share their story, what they love about your business and how you’ve helped them in their lives. Most people like being recognized for their contributions, so this will be an easy way to collect testimonials.

You can also ask customers and clients for video testimonials directly after finishing a project or receiving a positive review. This can be the most surefire way to get a resounding “yes!”

2. Deliver great service

Another way to encourage your customers and clients to share the love on video is to deliver great service. Before you even ask them for testimonials, make sure that you’re nailing the fundamentals of your business. Take note of your customers’ needs and complaints, and work hard to resolve these issues in a timely manner. When you put in this type of effort behind the scenes, you’ll be more likely to receive positive video testimonials from happy customers.

3. Make it easy to reach you

In order to get the video testimonial from your client, you may need to give them a little nudge. One easy way to do this is by including a card or note with their invoice or packing slip. Let them know that if they have any questions about their product, your service or anything else, you’d love to hear from them.

Make sure that you’re putting your contact information front and center on all of your marketing materials and website pages. You should also create an email signature that includes your phone number and maybe even a link to a page that talks about video testimonials and what they do for your business.

4. Show them why customer testimonials are valuable

Sometimes, the only thing stopping customers and clients from sending you video testimonials is the fact that they might not know what to say or how to go about doing it. You can help by showing them why it’s so important. Explain that testimonials are great for boosting your online reputation and generating more business opportunities.

If you want to go a step further, create a video that explains how customers can share their testimonial with you. You can even offer an incentive for creating a video testimonial, like a discount on future services or a gift card!

5. Explain how to upload a video testimonial and where to post it

Depending on your website setup and the technology you have available, you may want to set up a video testimonial upload page on your website that allows customers and clients to easily share their testimonial videos. Alternatively, you can encourage your clients to put up video testimonials on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms. Be sure to include a link to your YouTube channel or social media platforms if possible. This way, you can keep all of your video testimonials in one place. You can also cross-promote with other videos that you’ve made.

6. Explain how video testimonials support your business

Be sure to get the word out about video testimonials on your website and social media. The more you promote them, the more likely you are to receive them! By explaining how valuable video testimonials are for both you and your customers, you can encourage them to share their stories.

Before you ask for a testimonial from a customer or client, explain that it’s something that benefits both parties. If they are business owners themselves, they may jump at the chance to cross-promote their business with you.

7. Hire a professional video production team for video testimonials you can share

Now, it’s time to actually ask your customer base if they’d be willing to send you a video testimonial. While it is possible to film testimonials on your phone or with a webcam, a professional video production team will be able to provide you with higher quality videos that look more polished and professional. A professional video production company also has the experience and know-how needed for getting the best quality videos possible.

When looking for a video production company, don’t forget to look for one that offers customized solutions. Duval Visuals works with you to meet your individual business needs and produce the highest quality video possible.

The Bottom Line

Video testimonials are a great way to get your business name out there and boost your online presence. They can also help you generate more sales opportunities, as well as increase the number of clients and customers that you have. In order to get people to share video testimonials with you, it’s important that you put in the work behind the scenes making sure that they look great on your website and other platforms. Help your customers and clients help YOU by giving them all the tools they need to make their video testimonial a success!

Need help putting your video testimonials together? Contact Duval Visuals today!

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